Hardwood Flooring

I have a hardwood floor in my home and absolutely love it. I don’t think I’m alone in this either; Whether you’re looking to add warmth to your home or have something that’s safe from allergens, hardwood flooring remains the gold standard for floor coverings. Here are a list of reasons why people tend to prefer solid hardwood floors over other types of flooring (carpet, tile, vinyl, or laminate).

  1. They are timeless and add value to your home
    Ever since I changed from carpet to hardwood flooring twenty years ago, there have been no signs of needing to change the way it looks. The house feels cozy, warm, and modern, and the house never feels out of style.

    This is especially important when considering selling this home sometime in the future. Back when my family first bought this home, we bought it for $210,000 (I live in the East Bay). Now, the value of the house has increased to almost $680,000, and the house will no doubt have a much easier time selling when they know that solid hardwood flooring has been installed throughout the house. My family has been happy to make the initial investment into creating the timeless look of hardwood flooring.
  2. They are durable
    Hardwood floors can take a serious beating. This may depend somewhat on the type of hardwood that you purchase, but hardwood can certainly hold its own against its more robust competitor – tile flooring. That, and even if you do manage to make a dent into it, it easily be made to look like new for a fraction of the cost through hardwood floor refinishing.
  3. They are allergy and eco-friendly
    Hardwood floors are great at handling most allergens like pollen and pet dander. Even with asthma growing up, I’ve had no problems with my health. That, and people with little children will appreciate how easily hardwood can be sanitized and kept pristine.

    Additionally, wood is a renewable resource, though those of you who are more eco-conscious might want to make sure your supplier can show a certificate proving that the wood complies with international forestry guidelines.
  4. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain
    I don’t know many people who enjoy the process of cleaning; that said, hardwood floors are very easy to be kept clean and maintained. All it requires is the occasional sweep, vacuum, and mop to keep them clean and sanitized.

    It is important to clean hardwood floors regularly – the best way to spend less time cleaning your floors is to do it often. If there’s a spill or a stain, simply clean it the moment you notice it and you’ll avoid the need for deep cleaning services.

There’s no dearth of reasons for why you should have hardwood floors in your home. If you’re currently looking for a way to make your home feel brand new, consider installing hardwood floors or hiring a professional in order to get it done. If you live in the bay area like I do, I recommend Alameda County Flooring to take care of the installation.

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